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Zawaj Cards

The Marriage Meeting (DEFECT)

The Marriage Meeting (DEFECT)

The Marriage Meeting card-game. The box has visible defects but the cards are undamaged and still in brand new condition.

Extremely limited number of these boxes for a discounted price.


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In the past, Muslims had tight-knit communities and you would know everything about your potential spouse just by virtue of being part of their community.

Fast forward to the 21st century, Muslims are in every corner of the globe. Our communities are spread further than ever and our ways of thinking differ more than ever before.

Add into that mix, the invention of social media. Social media pushed us to spread into even less tight-knit communities, making it more difficult for us to really know one another.

The Marriage Meeting is not only a card game. It creates a new experience that would not be possible without these cards.

It was made with the common factors of divorce in mind, to help remove these factors before marriage happens between the bride and groom.

What's inside the box?

140+ cards.


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